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Blueprint Rumenate

Promoting rumen function and feed efficiency.

Blueprint Rumenate has been designed to promote a favourable environment for maximum microbial activity in the rumen. The helps to enhance diet digestibility and nutrient utilisation which in turn helps to maximise animal performance.

Since introducing blueprint rumenate we have seen a big improvement in fibre levels in the dung and even a good response in cell counts, we achieved a SCC of less than 100 2 weeks after putting it in
Darren & Stuart McMurran, Banbridge

The rumen ecosystem is constantly changing and adapting. As such, altering rumen management or nutrition can significantly impact the microbial activity of the rumen and the microbes’ ability to digest feed.

BLUEPRINT RUMENATE™ has been designed to promote a favourable rumen environment for optimal microbial activity in the rumen by enhancing diet digestibility and nutrient utilisation in the digestive tract, helping maximise animal performance.

BLUEPRINT RUMENATE is designed to:

  • Promote rumen efficiency and diet utilisation.
  • Maximise dry matter intake – closing the ‘energy gap’ during early lactation and restoring energy balance post-calving.
  • Help decrease the incidence of sub-optimal health and performance as a result of mycotoxin feed contamination

What results can I expect to see?  Trials have demonstrated:

  • Increased milk yield and milk components
  • Increased dry matter intake and feed efficiency
  • Improved liveweight gain
  • Better digested feed and manure consistency



  • Promote diet efficiency and feed utilisation
  • Reduces problems associated with mycotoxins
  • Maximise DM intakes
  • Reduce negative energy balances
  • Supports milk yeilds
  • Stabilises rumen pH

Why use farmgate nutrition?

  • Improve intakes
  • Higher milk yields
  • Reduce body condition score losses
  • Greater reproductive efficiency
  • Lower levels of SARA
  • Heathier, more profitable cows