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The proven palm-free fat supplement for high-yielding dairy cows.

Envirolac is proven to increase milk yields and constituents, improve cow health and fertility as well as offering a lower carbon footprint than palm oil based supplements. Envirolac is the solution for farming and environmental sustainability.

Envirolac is available in 25kg bags.

Envirolac is a palm free fat supplement for high yielding dairy cows. It is designed to increase dietary energy density, whilst optimising rumen fermentation and aiding liver function, in order to increase milk yield and constituents.

Envirolac offers a lower carbon footprint than palm oil based supplements. It uses locally sourced fats and oils such as marine oil sources which provide EPA and DHA omega 3 oils which are associated with improving dairy cow fertility.

Envirolac contains a specific rumen buffer to improve and maintain rumen function and cow productivity. Envirolac provides a palatable, cost-effective dairy cow feed, whilst keeping environmental concerns at the forefront of farmers thoughts.

Envirolac can be incorporated into compound feed or blends and can also be fed through a TMR diet direct on farm.

Typical Analysis (FW)

Dry Matter (%)             94.0

Protein (%)                  2.2

Oil and Fats (%)           50.0

Ash (%)                        3.0

Fibre (%)                      22.5

ME (MJ/kg DM)           29.8



  • Increased milk yields
  • Improved butterfat levels
  • Improved fertility & cow health
  • Reduces farms carbon footprint
  • High return on investment
  • Improved feed conversion efficiency

Testimonial / Case Study

Why use farmgate nutrition?

  • Improve intakes
  • Higher milk yields
  • Reduce body condition score losses
  • Greater reproductive efficiency
  • Lower levels of SARA
  • Heathier, more profitable cows