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NovaPass S is a high-quality rumen protected protein.

NovaPass S has been proven to increase milk yields and protein levels in dairy cows as well as DLWG in beef cattle.

NovaPass S is available in 25kg bags.

NovaPass S is a source of high energy rumen by-pass protein. A high proportion of protein consumed by ruminants is degraded in the rumen and therefore not utilised by the animal. Feeding excessive protein can lead to poor animal health by inflating urea levels in the blood and milk. NovaPass S mitigates this by increasing the level of DUP (Digestible Undegraded Protein) and achieving our metabolizable protein requirements. This enables enhanced performance and reduce wastage by avoiding feeding excess rumen degradable protein (RDP).

NovaPass S is the result of a two-stage treatment which increases the level of DUP in the diet. This allows the majority of the protein in the diet to bypass the rumen and be utilised efficiently in the small intestine. Therefore, the diet is balanced to the optimum metabolizable protein requirement based on yield and expected performance rather than basing it on the traditional crude protein requirement.

Numerous studies and research have proven the benefits of supplementing the pre calving diet with high levels of by-pass protein. It helps ease the transition from the pre-calving diet to the lactating cow diet by building the protein reserves in the cow and stimulating feed intakes. This reduces the Negative Energy Balance which produces higher milk yields and milk protein alongside increased fertility.

Improving rumen health by meeting animals’ metabolizable protein requirements increases performance in beef cattle. Higher DLWG has been observed and improved Kill Out percentages.

Research has also found benefits to supplementing pregnant ewes with protein in the last 4 weeks pre lambing. The higher DUP level of the diet increases Dry Matter Intake and improves colostrum quality and quantity.

NovaPass S can be incorporated into a compound feed or blend and can be fed through a TMR direct on farm.


  • Increased milk yields
  • Increased milk protein
  • Improved DLWG in beef cattle
  • Improved nitrogen utilisation
  • Improved transition cow performance
  • Improved rumen health and efficiency

Why use farmgate nutrition?

  • Improve intakes
  • Higher milk yields
  • Reduce body condition score losses
  • Greater reproductive efficiency
  • Lower levels of SARA
  • Heathier, more profitable cows