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Prosmart - Precision Protein.

ProSmart has been proven to increase milk production and milk protein percentage by reaching metabolizable protein requirements by delivering high levels of Digestible Undegraded Protein (DUP).

ProSmart is available in 1000kg totes.

ProSmart is a high energy innovative protein source which contains high levels of rumen protected amino acids and Digestible Undegraded Protein (DUP). DUP bypasses the rumen and goes straight to the small intestine where it will be appropriately utilised to meet cows metabolizable protein demands.

ProSmart helps maximise milk and milk protein production by focusing on the concentration of Metabolizable Lysine and Methionine with respect to the total Metabolizable Protein. By meeting the cows demand for these amino acids, we can provide more efficient rations with improved results.  This includes a higher milk yields and higher milk protein percentages.

Feeding supplementary bypass protein to dry cows can ensures that the cows needs are met at calving, easing them into early lactation whilst also helping them to achieve peak yields.

Feeding excessive protein can be detrimental to both cows’ health and the environment due to higher urea nitrogen levels. Feeding ProSmart, a rich source of rumen bypass protein, can enable farmers to reach metabolizable protein whilst feeding less crude protein. This therefore provides a better cost-benefit relationship and reduces environmental concerns with a more efficient use of protein.

Feed rates (daily per head basis)

Milking cows:  0.5kg (based on Lys:Met ratio)

Dry cows:        0.5kg (3-4 weeks pre calving)


  • Improved milk production
  • Improved milk protein levels
  • Improved transition cow performance
  • Cost benefit feed
  • Reduced environmental concerns

Why use farmgate nutrition?

  • Improve intakes
  • Higher milk yields
  • Reduce body condition score losses
  • Greater reproductive efficiency
  • Lower levels of SARA
  • Heathier, more profitable cows