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Natures answer to mycotoxins.

A broad spectrum, low inclusion solution to feed contamination. Ultrabond helps to reduce the effects of mycotoxins and secondary metabolites.

Ultrabond is available in 25kg bags.

With so many variables, it’s hard to put a finger on things but I know since using Ultrabond, the cell count has been staying at an acceptable level and not fluctuating about like it used to. At its height, our SCC was 200,000 but it has come down to 140,000. The calving index has reduced as well by 14 days.
Harold Johnston, Ahoghill, Co. Antrim

Mycotoxins and associated secondary fungal metabolites are always present in the environment and are produced by moulds which can be present in any feedstuffs. In ruminant feed, the presence of mycotoxins can in lower milk yield, poor fertility, and mortality.

Mycotoxins are stable compounds that are very resistant to heat and chemical treatments. Industry surveys confirm that over 50% of finished feed tested is positive for more than one mycotoxin, therefore, an effective broad-spectrum binder is very important.

Ultrabond by Anpario offers a broad spectrum, low inclusion solution to feed contamination. It is a unique, synergistic blend of mixed natural silicates and bioflavonoids which has been developed to help mitigate the potentially harmful effects associated with the presence of secondary fungal metabolites in ruminant feedstuffs


  • Granular, free-flowing product
  • A broad spectrum, low inclusion control system
  • Assists in the control of secondary fungal metabolites
  • Helps to maintain immune function
  • Supports gastrointestinal health

Testimonial / Case Study

An on-farm study was conducted on Conrick Farm, a commercial dairy herd in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The effect of Ultrabond was examined when included into the feed ration at 25g/head/day, on dairy cow somatic cell count (SCC). SCC levels were monitored for one month prior to inclusion, one month when the diet included Ultrabond and one month after ultrabond was removed. Feed materials were tested and found to be positive for mycotoxins at all stages of the trial.

Results of the trial were as follows:

  • Somatic cell count was 17% lower for the month on Ultrabond compared to the month previously
  • Post trial the somatic cell count increased by 24%
  • Farmer observed an increase in mastitis one week following the removal of Ultrabond from the diet


Why use farmgate nutrition?

  • Improve intakes
  • Higher milk yields
  • Reduce body condition score losses
  • Greater reproductive efficiency
  • Lower levels of SARA
  • Heathier, more profitable cows