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Helping achieve the perfect level of calcium at calving.

Scientifically proven, this highly effective product will significantly improve cow health and lifetime performance.

Available in 15kg bags.

One of the most important factors for providing a good start to the lactation, is the calcium level around calving. Calcium levels are crucial for proper muscle function and the immune system. At calving there is a sudden demand for calcium and the resultant drop in the required level can impair the cow’s health status and productivity.

Milk fever is a result of a low level of calcium in the blood, however, it is subclinical milk fever that is impacting up to 75% of your herd. You may not recognise it and therefore not treat it. As a consequence, it’s the gateway to other metabolic diseases and ultimately an early cull cow.

This dry cow product works as a calcium binder, stimulating the cow’s own hormonal system to create a perfect calcium balance at calving. The result is a dramatic drop in levels of clinical and subclinical milk fever, increased health, fertility and post calving energy.

X-Zelit has been tried and tested on UK farms for over 10 years, producing positive results for the farmers who use it. On average they have saved up to £90 per cow, included the cost of the feed.


  • Significantly reduces milk fever – 100% effective in lab trials
  • Increases milk yield up to 1.5kg
  • 9% increase in colostrum quality
  • Increases fertility, reducing the time to pregnancy by 19 days
  • 10% reduction in SCC

Testimonial / Case Study

To read about the scientific trials conducted at Copenhagen and Cornell Universities on the benefits of X-Zelit click here.

Why use farmgate nutrition?

  • Improve intakes
  • Higher milk yields
  • Reduce body condition score losses
  • Greater reproductive efficiency
  • Lower levels of SARA
  • Heathier, more profitable cows